You probably have your vision board wrong

I will admit that I am very hot and cold on the idea of vision boards.

If you are not familiar with the idea, a vision board is a place that you print out and stick all of the things that you want in your life. It is then expected that these things will be attracted into your life through the process of ‘manifestation’.

My problem is that so many people have the idea all wrong.

These people aren’t to blame. This is often the way that vision boards are explained by people that are not about taking responsibility for their lives. People that are content with handing over responsibility for their lives to the world around them. People that believe that some pictures on a wall are enough to effect change and improve their lives.

I have an issue with the idea of manifestation and vision boards for a couple of reasons.

Reason 1: Vision boards can promote laziness

For so many people, creating the vision board is where they stop. They find some pictures of things that they like. They print them out and make their vision board look all pretty. And then they wait for amazing things to come into their life.

They wait for the magical manifestation fairies to shower them in awesomeness.


You don’t need to be a personal development superstar like Tony Robbins or Zig Ziglar to see the fault in this logic.
In fact one of Tony Robbins most famous quotes is “If you change nothing, nothing will change”.

Honestly, if the only thing that you have done to change your situation is to create a vision board, the most that you can really expect is that one of your walls now has some great pictures on it.

The only way to really effect real change in your life is to take action!

Reason 2: People use vision boards wrong

If you are just pasting up pictures of the things that you want in your life, you are probably also missing the point. Especially if you are pasting images of material objects like cars or money,

Even following the ‘logic’ of the vision board process, this is flawed. You are saying to the universe “I want stuff”.

Not “I want to be a great person” or “I want to make a difference” or even “I want to be successful”. You are just saying “I want possessions and status symbols”.

The reason that this is all wrong is that most people that are creating vision boards are not people that are after ‘stuff’. They are more often actually interested in seeing meaningful change in themselves and in the world.

To inspire any kind of real change, the things on your vision board need to be tied to something meaningful. This could be meaningful to you on an altruistic level or personally (even selfishly!). They just need to be meaningful to you. They need to be about change. They need to awaken something inside you that will inspire you to take action.

How to create a vision board the right way

Done the right way, your vision board should be a source of inspiration. It should awaken emotions in you that motivate you to take action.

The things on your vision board should work like visual reminders of your goals. They should help you with the visualization of your goals.

When going through the process of setting goals, you wouldn’t settle for “I want a nice car” – When making a vision board you shouldn’t either. Like written goals, the things on your vision board should be SMART.
They should be a reflection of the things that will actually improve your life. They should be things that you believe are worth working for.

Instead of just the end result, they should capture the emotion and motivation to take action.

I don’t dislike vision boards as a concept. I actually think that they have the potential to be quite powerful if done right. You do however still need to work out your final goal and work back from there.

If your goal is to be successful in a specific field or business, then reflect that.  The fancy cars and adoration will naturally follow.

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