5 Reasons You Should See Learning as a Journey [Video]

This video covers a number of reasons why you should see the process of learning any new skill as a journey.

When starting anything for the first time, there is always a period of development. During this time, it is easy to get discouraged and lose your motivation.

It is very rare that the first time you try something new you will be good at it. The path to becoming an expert is different for everyone but it is a road that we all must travel to achieve anything worthwhile.

The need to see your development as a journey is particularly true in current times.
We are all so used to getting everything that we want instantly. Everything is available on demand.  As a result it is very easy to lose sight of the amount of work that is actually involved in achieving success.

In this video, we cover:

  • Why you should focus on your own journey and avoid comparing yourself to others
  • Often the process of learning and development is as rewarding as the destination
  • You only ever fail if you give up.  Everything else is just a lesson
  • Your journey of learning is how you grow as a person. The reward that comes with improving at something is often much of the joy.

Reasons You Should See Learning as a Journey

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