Reasons why you should smile

In your quest to just be the best person you can be, there are some things that just make good sense. One of these is that if you are genuinely happy and positive, people will want to be around you.

It is not a stretch to look within yourself and think about the sort of person that you personally would like to spend time with. Unless you are part of some strange and depressing sub-culture, general happiness and satisfaction are normally key attributes in the people that you would like to be around.

There have been countless studies on the positive impacts of being happy. Without needing to go into too much detail about these, it should be a fairly obvious choice. It just makes good sense to put out the same sort of positive and happy vibe that you would like to surround yourself with.
The easiest way to achieve a level of happiness is simply to smile whenever you can! If you smile and are generally happy you will focus more on the positive parts of your life. This will in turn attract the sort of attitude in others that you are putting out. If you start smiling at everyone, your joy will inspire positivity in others that may even improve their day.

Even if you are not feeling particularly happy, studies demonstrate that if you behave in a particular way, your emotions will soon come to the party and you will end up actually feeling that way.
The most important reason for smiling as much as you can is for the positive emotional impact that it can have on you. Although the science behind it is a little theoretical, one direction of thinking is that our faces in particular play a part in a kind of emotional feedback loop. If you are smiling, your brain thinks “I am smiling, so I must be happy”.

Sometimes you will find that all of this fails and the random strangers that you are flashing your pearly whites at are giving you nothing in return. In these cases, you should be content that this is unlikely to be a reaction to you personally. They may just be having a bad day. They might just be a generally a sour person. Either way, that isn’t on you.
Unless they are someone close to you, there is unlikely to be anything that you can do to change it. Nor is that something that should concern you. You should be content that you tried and move on.

Why not try it for yourself, throw out a smile to as many people as you can for the next few days. Let me know your results.

Have a happy day!


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