6 ways to be stress free and happy

Life is full of challenges, demands and surprises. No two days are the same. Our environment is always reshaping itself and we have to adapt in order to survive. These challenges from our environment trigger different reactions, physical and chemical, in our bodies. Stress is the common term that is given to our reactions to […]

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Classic car

You are never too old!

There is a perception that young people are better positioned to pivot and change the way that their life is headed. It is easy to look at people that are absolutely nailing it in their youth and think things like ‘it is easier for them, they don’t have… [insert your own relevant life situation here]’. […]

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Reasons why you should smile

In your quest to just be the best person you can be, there are some things that just make good sense. One of these is that if you are genuinely happy and positive, people will want to be around you. It is not a stretch to look within yourself and think about the sort of […]

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How does the law of attraction work?

The law of attraction is a concept that has been popular in self-improvement circles for years. It became widely popular after the release of ‘The Secret’, by Rhonda Byrne in 2006. Since then there have been a number of different views around the same theme. There are a number of celebrities (like Oprah for example) […]

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What are you not spending time on?

One realization that has been critical in my journey of personal development is the idea of ‘opportunity cost’. I first viewed time in this way due to a little nugget that I picked up from the wise but always modest Pat Flynn. I am paraphrasing a little but his simple presentation of this idea really […]

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The Power of Making Eye Contact

There are few communication skills that are as easy to learn but have such a large impact as the power of making eye contact when talking with someone. If you are looking to demonstrate confidence or just to develop stronger engagement, looking your audience in the eyes will work wonders. When engaging in any level […]

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Home organization ideas

This is part 3 of 3 in a series on working out and putting in place systems in your life that work for you. If you haven’t seen part 1 yet, you can find it here In this earlier post I briefly mentioned some of the systems that we have put in place at home […]

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