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This is part 3 of 3 in a series on working out and putting in place systems in your life that work for you. If you haven’t seen part 1 yet, you can find it here

In this earlier post I briefly mentioned some of the systems that we have put in place at home to help organize our lives. I promised that I would go into a little more detail about these things that have worked for us and below are some of the home organization ideas that my family has had success with.

Home organization ideas that worked for us

Some of my personal favorites are:

  • Creating a charging station for electronic devices – Ours is a timber breadbox with a hole cut in the back for the cable to the power socket.
  • Moving everything in our garage into labelled plastic tubs – Without a label they are just another hiding place.
  • Moving the things that we don’t use frequently out of the inside cupboards and wardrobes and into more plastic tubs in the garage.
  • Putting seasonal clothes that we aren’t using (shorts, big jumpers, track pants etc.) into vacuum sealed bags and into the garage.
  • Building some large sturdy garage shelves for all of these tubs to live on – This was important because it moved everything off the ground and into vertical storage. Putting much of our infrequently used possessions into the garage and against the wall cleared space in the house and in the garage.
  • Using Velcro strips on any electrical device plugged into a power point – This seems trivial and unnecessary but avoids so much frustration!
  • Labeling the shelves for my clothes – This may not be necessary if you are the only person putting your clothes away but is brilliant if your pajamas keep finding their way in with your boxer shorts
  • Investing in a decent metal filing cabinet. I know where all important documents are and they take a fraction of the time to find when needed.

As you can see there was a big push to get things out from the house and into the garage. This was mainly because I wanted to get things out of the way that we weren’t using often. It was also because my daughter was getting old enough to start needing some of her cupboard space back.

The end result was great and we managed to get much more organization into our things without losing too much garage space.

Easy places to start organizing your life:

The best place for you to start is a personal thing and probably going to be wherever you see the most value. If you find that you are constantly short of time or feel like your time isn’t being spent effectively, have a look at what you are spending your time on instead.
If you feel frustrated that you aren’t able to find things when you need them, have a look at your storage solutions. If things are never where they should be, try to see where they end up instead and how they get there.

Simple home organization equipment

The most solid piece of advice that I can give you though is if you don’t already have one, go and buy yourself a label maker. It may seem a little keen or overly dedicated at first but you will be surprised how often it comes in handy.
There is also a psychological benefit in being committed enough to organizing your life to buy equipment – it shows that you are serious about it! A label maker is a simple, cheap and effective first step.
You will also find that the more you use it, the more you enjoy the sense of order that it creates and will want to use it more.

Never underestimate the power of simple plastic tubs! They are cheap, versatile and work wonders when you use them with your new label maker.
One word of advice though is to make sure that you have a plan on what is going into the tubs before you start to fill them.
If you are just stuffing things in and hiding them, you aren’t doing it right. Like anything a considered approach to what will be stored and a label to document it will mean that they are an effective storage tool and not just another hidden pile.

Are you already a fan of organizing your life? Do you have any other easy to implement home organization ideas to share? If so, I am always looking for ways live easier and tidier and would love to hear from you.


Photo by Pieter Pieterse

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