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You are never too old!

There is a perception that young people are better positioned to pivot and change the way that their life is headed. It is easy to look at people that are absolutely nailing it in their youth and think things like ‘it is easier for them, they don’t have… [insert your own relevant life situation here]’. […]

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Reasons why you should smile

In your quest to just be the best person you can be, there are some things that just make good sense. One of these is that if you are genuinely happy and positive, people will want to be around you. It is not a stretch to look within yourself and think about the sort of […]

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Are you limited by your inner caveman?

Emotions like fear and anxiety are just physical reactions to unfamiliar situations. They are chemical reactions to unfamiliar conditions and do not need to rule what we do or who we are. When I experience one of these emotions, I seek to understand that it is often because I am about to do something new […]

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