Is it better to have goals or be the sort of person that does?

“Nothing Changes until you do” – Mike Robbins


I have recently been considering the relationship between success and having defined and structured goals. It is fairly commonly accepted that to really achieve the things you want, you first need to identify what these things are. In writing down your goals you are making a first, physical commitment to achieving them.

The idea that I have been considering though is whether the actual power is in being the kind of person that cares enough to be bothered. Many people have things that they want to achieve in life. Far fewer though will recognize that unless they do something about it, much of their life will just stay the same. It is those people that are prepared to take personal responsibility and action that will improve.

Obviously there is power in documenting goals. Believers in the law of attraction would say that it is necessary to open yourself up to the power of manifestation. By identifying what is important and opening yourself up for greatness, the required things will align to make it so.

What I am not sure about, is whether there is another unconsidered factor. People that know enough about themselves and what they want to write it down, are inherently taking responsibility for their own lives. By being able to articulate your desires, you are showing that you know what it is that you want. By writing them down, you are identifying that they are one of the most important things in your life.
It would make sense then that by being someone that knows what they want, you are also more likely to get it.

Ultimately a written goal is nothing more than just words on paper. Knowing that you have them is useful because it helps with personal prioritization. The real power in the process is in caring enough to do something about it. Unless we change something, nothing changes.

The position that I have settled on is that the act of identifying and writing down goals, is really a commitment of being someone that takes action. Ultimately the task of making goals is actually the first action on the way to achieving them.
So if you have already been through the process of identifying and writing out your goals, congratulations on taking the first step to achieving them.
If you have some thoughts about what you want to achieve in life but aren’t getting any closer, make the commitment to yourself and write them down.
And lastly, if you are still struggling with the idea of what you want from life, that is ok too. Just know that the longer you wait to start, the further away you are from your true potential!

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