About Me

Troy_Mason_FinalHi and welcome. I am Troy and I am really thrilled that you are here!

I am so happy because I am sure we are very similar. We have family and friends that we love to spend time with. We also have obligations and expectations to meet.

I believe that life needs to be a balance between personal and professional. We all need to work to eat and to pay bills. That doesn’t mean that working should be the only reason for life though.

I have spent the last 15 years working as a leader and manager. Through my career I have worked as a Management Consultant, Project Manager and Junior Executive. I have worked for large multi-national corporations and for domestic companies across a range of industries.
After years of doing what was expected of me by society though, I realised that I felt unfulfilled. I had achieved a level of “success” by society’s measures but it wasn’t satisfying.

When my daughter came, I began to look at life in a way that I never had before. I began assessing the things that were important to me. I realised that the path I was on was not leading me in a direction that excited me.

I realised that the person that I was and the things that I was doing were not personally satisfying. I realized that much of what I had been doing was because it was what was expected of me.
This started a real time of personal evaluation. I began looking at the things that were important to me. I looked at what I was spending my time doing.
I spent time reassessing my goals and what success looks like for me. I discovered that success really is something that is different for everyone.

I found that the most important goal that anyone can have is to know what is important to you. To know who the person is that you want to be. To do everything that you can to achieve this personal fulfilment.

It has become my passion to help people (especially new leaders and young executives) to identify the things that are important to them. To establish the things that make them feel complete. To determine their own brand of personal success.

I am really excited and look forward to sharing this passion with you.